Investment Casting Wax

Westech Wax Products manufacturers a comprehensive line of superior quality investment casting waxes.


Westech Wax Products manufacturers a comprehensive line of superior quality pattern waxes directly in our Southern California facility. We offer a variety of wax forms including pastilles, pucks, billets, and slabs. Our customers benefit from an extensive line of services including wax reclamation, custom wax blending, and wax extrusions. Our industrial waxes supply all lost wax industries from aerospace, medical, and metal machining to art, sports, and jewelry.

Recently, our scientists innovated a highly unique blend of investment casting wax that has put normal convention on its ear. Visit our News page in the months ahead or contact us today to get the latest news on our evolving line of cutting edge waxes.

Our casting wax product line includes the following products and services:

  • JEL-SET®: Our innovative new proprietary wax that acts like a filled wax, but isn't. A better wax for fine projects...
  • Pattern Waxes: Our excellent offering of quality pattern waxes for all your investment casting needs.
  • HYDROSOL Waxes: Water-soluble waxes where strength and surface are important.
  • StikWax Adhesive Wax: When you need sticking strength that counts.
  • Wax Recycling Services: Our top-of-the-line recycling services allow you to be more efficient.
  • Shell Products: The latest from Nalco, 3M and Christy offered to support your casting needs.

Please contact us today for further information, samples, wax analysis and more...