Industrial Manufacturing with Investment Casting Wax

The use of investment casting wax in industrial manufacturing has revolutionized the way we produce metal objects.


The use of investment casting wax (often called PIC or "precision investment casting") in industrial manufacturing has revolutionized the way that metal objects are manufactured.

From tools and the golf clubs in the garage, to many of the metal parts you use on a daily basis were created using investment casting wax. Thousands of metal parts can be duplicated near net shape with little or no machining. Investment casting is a much easier and more efficient production process, giving industrial manufacturers the freedom to create unique shapes, sharp undercuts, and dynamic curves that simply cannot be created with a machine. With investment casting, you’re only limited by your imagination and the wax you use play a major role in that success.

The qualities of wax which are important for casting include a specific melting temperatures, injectability, and surface finish.

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