FLOW-SET™ Pattern Waxes

The original source for JEL-SET® non-filled pattern waxes leaps ahead again with a new wax line designed for aerospace! Once again, Westech has completely changed the paradigm of wax pattern making! Introducing the all new FLOW-SET™ Pattern Waxes.


The benefits:

  • Designed for delicate cores

  • Provides unsurpassed surface finish when surface finish has to be the best

  • Outstanding flow characteristics and will fill the thinnest of sections—take on those difficult parts

  • Can be injected as a liquid or a paste, and use existing equipment

  • Fantastic de-waxability

“Westech’s new JEL-SET® wax is a really incredible wax! We have reduced our hold times by 30% and eliminated shell cracking in a series of parts which have historically given us problems. Even though it has no filler, we see a significant reduction in sink issues in thick sectioned parts. The best part about this wax is that we can use it in our flash de-wax unit without the residual filler mess. The support from our Westech representative really helped us get amazing value from our equipment and process using this really unique wax.”

— Brad Desplinter of Texas Precision Metalcraft

FLOW-SET™ is available in 50lb bags and 1,600lb super sacks. Call us today at (951) 279-4496 for a consultation, samples, or to place an order or contact us through the site.