Wax for just about any industry

Wax isn't just about precision investment casting and candles... 

When we tell people we love wax, they generally think we mean candles -- unless they are in a casting or manufacturing industry, in which case they think of  precision investment casting (PIC) wax. But wax can be found in a wide variety of industries, from aerospace to 3D printing and a dozen industries in between. With investment casting wax, precision sheet wax, Jel-Set wax, adhesive wax, speciality wax, candle wax, and even custom-made waxes, you truly are only limited by your imagination. Westech Wax manufactures and distributes our waxes not just in California, not just across the United States, but globally to support a growing list of industrial applications. 

Visit the pages below to see how Westech Wax Products is supports a wide variety of industries, and please, contact us if you need wax and don’t see your application here -- it’s likely that if we haven’t already done it, our engineers can make a custom mix to support you.

Industrial Applications: