Wax Products: Stock

At Westech Wax, we offer not only our customized lines of casting, aerospace, medical, and bottling waxes, but we also offer stock wax products! If you need your product in a short time frame, or you’re not ordering large quantities, then please order from our list of stock products below


JEL-SET®  Westech Wax Products' pioneering JEL-SET® wax is a true innovation: an easy-to-use, non-filled wax that works like a filled wax, reduces shell cracking, is colorful, and increases productivity. Significantly reduce your shell cracking, work in a much wider range of injection temperatures, significantly reduce flow lines, and get the sink characteristics of a traditional filled wax. Our JEL-SET wax is a non-filled wax – so you recover more in the recycling process and it's perfect for today's low temperature injection machines. More Information

ORDERING INFORMATION: Available in 250lb. minimum orders. Order by emailing us or calling (951) 279-4496


FLOW-SET™  The original source for JEL-SET® non-filled pattern waxes leaps ahead again with a new wax line designed for aerospace! Once again, Westech has completely changed the paradigm of wax pattern making. It’s designed for delicate cores, with unsurpassed surface finish. It can be injected as a liquid or paste, and has outstanding flow characteristics and de-waxability. More information

ORDERING INFORMATION: Available in 250lb. minimum orders. Order by emailing us or calling (951) 279-4496. 


Stikwax-E: StikWax is Westech Wax's proprietary adhesive wax. Has the highest adhesive solution in the industry. Designed for use with robotic dipping systems, StikWax has become a go-to adhesive in a wide range of applications since it's introduction 20+ years ago, with enhanced bonding properties for attaching complex parts and risers. StikWax-E is the original formula, perfect for manual and robotic application. StikWax-Blue is used when visual inspections of the joint are important, allowing you to see exactly what's happening. StikWax-M offers strong adhesion, yet extra flexibility. More information

ORDERING INFORMATION: Please specify if you need StikWax-E, -Blue, or -M.  Comes in pucks or pastilles. Available in 50lb. and up. Order by emailing us or calling (951) 279-4496.


Patch Wax: Westech’s patch wax is the best patch wax in the business. 

ORDERING INFORMATION: Small tins are available, with only a 5 lb minimum. It comes in various hardness: PW2 through PW7, with higher numbers representing harder waxes. Order by emailing us or calling (951) 279-4496.

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Bottle Wax: Our bottling wax (aka “wine wax”) for the beverage industry is a low-temperature (meaning, safe!) wax which applies beautifully to wine bottles, liquor bottles, soda bottles, or any beverages that could use ornamental bottling wax. More information

ORDERING INFORMATION: Available in red, blue, green and purple. 250lb. minimum. Order by emailing us or calling (951) 279-4496.

Custom orders take several weeks time, and generally start at 1,000lbs. or above (contact us, though, for specific needs). Our incredible line of stock wax products is the best in the industry, and is usually available for quick shipping anywhere in the USA or pickup (Southern California). 

Contact us today for small samples or a no obligation consultation with one of our wax experts.