Speciality Waxes

Waxes for a Wide Variety of Application

Wax is not simply “wax” – it's a variety of products that are chemically combined in order to deliver the characteristics that you need for your application. For example, the beauty of a candle comes from the perfect mix of scent, color, form, rigidity, finish, cleanliness in burning, and even luminescence.

Our chemists not only develop our internal wax products, but collaborate with manufacturers, the food industry, the entertainment industry, advertising firms, and more.


Candle manufacturers need consistency in their wax supplies. Working with our lab, we can deliver the scent, color, form, rigidity, finish, cleanliness in burning, and luminescence characteristics that you need. We supply the raw materials -- you make and market the candles.

Promotional, Advertising and Special Effects 

Over our 35+ years, we've been approached by everyone from Hollywood to international food brands to create unique, innovative solutions to complex problems. Does your project need just the right flexible product (wax or wax-like), in a specific color? It's likely that we can provide, or our team of chemists and engineers can develop and manufacture it.

Sealing Wax


Winemakers need a certain type of wax to protect their fine vintages; and Mason jars need just the right wax for canning fruit. Decorative glasses have been hugely popular, and are also usually wax-sealed. Large volume sealing wax is available at various melting temperatures to meet virtually any need.

Customized Waxes

Our professional wax chemists have the knowledge and skills to produce a wide variety of waxes suitable for just about any speciality need.

We can adjust many properties of the wax, such as: color, rigidity, flexibility, heat resistance or ideal melt temperature, security features, how the wax is packaged and shipped, shattering resistance, hardness, smell, and many other qualities

For instance, when formulating a color for a speciality wax, we can complete a spectrographic analysis to develop a custom colored wax without impacting the other qualities of your wax product.

The experts at Westech are happy to discuss your ideas and help you develop a specialty wax that is unique to your business needs. Also see our contract (custom) manufacturing services, or contact us for further information.