Shell Products

We conveniently offer all the quality shell products you might need for your investment casting production.


Many of our wax buyers are using our wax for lost casting or other precision investment wax needs -- and this means they need shell products. As a service to these customers, we provide a wide range of support products:

Alumino Silicate Flours

Our professional line of alumino silicate grains and flours is specially made for the precision investment caster requiring top performance and sizing precision. Manufactured by Christy Minerals, STKO offers 325 mesh flours to 10x18 grains for a variety of industrial wax applications requiring dust-free processing. Micro-Trac analysis is available for all alumino silicate flours.


Our Techsol line of colloidal silica binders manufactured by Nalco gives the investment caster the green strength and fired strength needed to produce quality wax castings. Small and large particle binders made of 30% colloidal silica are a cost-effective slurry component for the investment casting process. 

Fused Silica

We partnered with 3M (Minco, Inc.) to provide our customers with high-purity fused silica because their products raise the bar in terms of quality and consistency. Minco (now 3M) developed a unique formula for fused silica that creates a thicker shell build during the lost wax casting process, enabling the investment caster to save time and money. Coulter and sieve analysis is available to ensure our fused silica products meet every expectation for a top quality product.

Slurry Additives

Ceramic slurry additives help reduce casting defects by balancing the ceramic shell composition to maintain the strength and stability of the wax cast form. Westech Wax Products provides the investment caster with top quality wetting agents, anti-foams, and polymer additives to ensure a smooth casting process. To better enhance your wax casting, more shell casting products are available such as binders, alumino-silicate grains, and fused silica.


Investment casting zircon manufactured by Continental Minerals has proven to offer our customers the highest grade sand and flours available on the market. We offer zircon sand and flours in a variety of particle sizes to meet your most specific project specifications.


We know you need great shell products to support great wax. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation on not just a single product, but on how we can solve your manufacturing problems.