Sheet Wax


Flexible, Flawless, Sheet Wax Formulations

Our specialized wax chemists have developed a highly innovative precision sheet wax for advanced industries such as aerospace, marine, automotive, and metal machining.

Westech sheet waxes are used in complex molds to produce high-tech carbon fiber machine components - such as high-end automobile parts, kayaks, boats, and airplanes. We’ve formulated an ultra smooth, uniform sheet wax product that features maximum durability, flexibility, and temperature formulation while maintaining premium quality. These waxes can be delivered in extremely precise sizes, for precise, high-tech manufacturing needs. Our products are specially designed so these quickly evolving industries may continue to development and innovate the technology that will forever shape our lives. 

sheet-wax v2.jpg

Sheet wax is made to order, and we pride ourselves on rapid and on-time delivery.

Contact our team of wax specialists to order precision sheet wax.