Pattern Wax

The investment casting wax standard for over 20 years.

Pattern wax is the foundation of the investment casting process, and quality, consistent wax is crucial for investment casters to make a great product.

The Westech full line of pattern waxes is manufactured in the USA using our ISO-certified processes, developed and tested by our in-house laboratory, and distributed globally.

Our newest innovation in pattern wax is our non-filled JEL-SET® line. Beyond that, the Westech pattern wax has been a reliable, quality standard wax for the past 20 years.

Our full line of pattern waxes for the investment casting includes:

  • Filled Waxes,
  • Non-Filled Wax (our innovative JEL-SET Wax), and
  • Soluble Waxes.

For more information about any of our waxes, please contact Westech Wax today.