Medical Waxes

Wax is a critical component to manufacturing surgical tools, joints, and more. Additionally, special waxes are available for histology analysis.


There is a wide variety of uses for wax in the medical industry.

Our Para-Tech wax is a tissue-embedding media (wax) that is used in encasing tissues for pathological review and histology analysis.

Wax is also used in the Dental industry, for items such as casting teeth.

Casting waxes can also be used for artificial joint manufacturing and other metal / casting needs.

Our Para-Tech Medical Wax is used to view tissue samples. It is a tissue-embedding media (wax) used in a laboratory to encase tissues for pathological review and histology analysis. 

For example, when a laboratory has a tissue sample, that sample is encased in Para-Tech Medical Wax. The wax gives rigidity to the sample that it did not have so the sample can be thinly sliced. Once sliced, the wax is dissolved off. The clean sample is then viewed under a microscope.

Our line of Para-Tech embedding waxes are the medium for infiltration and embedding of tissue samples. Para-Tech wax are refined mixtures of highly purified paraffins containing proprietary polymers. This wax greatly minimizes tissue compression due to sectioning and provides an elasticity which produces excellent, wrinkle-free sections.

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