Jel-Set Investment Casting Wax: A cutting-edge improvement

NEW! Westech Wax Products is proud to introduce a true innovation in investment casting waxes: an easy-to-use, non-filled wax that works like a filled wax, reduces shell cracking, is colorful, and increases productivity


Westech’s Jel-set Pattern Wax. Significantly reduce your shell cracking, work in a much wider range of injection temperatures, significantly reduce flow lines, and get the sink characteristics of a traditional filled wax. Our Jel-Set wax is a non-filled wax – so you recover more in the recycling process and it's perfect for today's low temperature injection machines.

It's also available in vivid colors, so it's easier than ever to see your process – and to stand apart from your competition. The benefits are huge:

  • Unique “Jel” formula: This wax offers far less sink than other non-filled waxes and many filled waxes! This means you’ll have less handling issues, and fewer issues keeping your filler in suspension…because there won’t be any!
  • Injects like filled wax: Our brand-new Jel-Set wax injects like a filled wax. This means you’ll have fewer flow lines and fewer cavitation repairs but guess what? No filler!
  • Unique "plastic" behavior: Our chemists call it viscoelastic -- it’s the stretching and bending abilities of a wax as it transitions through temperatures. It’s crucial to sound wax injections and to de-waxability. This ultimately reduces shell cracking -- especially on the newer Flash Fire units. You’ll get more productivity, at lower costs.
  • Proven better: Our autoclave and flash-fire tests have proven that Jel-Set wax reduces shell cracking compared to other “old school” waxes!
  • Pick your perfect melting temperature:  This wax is easily used at extremely low temperatures, so it’s great for units designed for “paste” waxes. This means you get shorter dwell times -- and again, more productivity.
  • Improves surface finish: Our tests showed that the new Jel-Set wax improved casting surface finish significantly when compared with filled waxes.
  • Improves details: Jel-Set wax picks up ALL the important details from the mold. You can capture those details and textures in your casting like never before.
  • Colorful: The bright color isn’t just for fun. It helps you distinguish between wax products in the room, and can even help you with defect identification. On top of that, your team will have a little bit more pride in being unique, although having a little fun isn’t so bad!
  • Easy to use: A new Jel-Set guide is available for today’s modern injection machines. With this information, you'll never be guessing, and always getting the best results in all situations.

Available in 55 pound bags, 1100 lb. super sacks, and billet form. Launch discounts are available for a limited time – call us today at (951) 279-4496 for a consultation, samples, or to place an order.

Better yet, for a sample or consultation, please fill in your information on this page -- we’ll never sell or share it – and we will reach out to you shortly.

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