Custom Manufacturing of Wax Products

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Our chemists and engineers regularly work with clients to develop the perfect wax or wax-like product to serve your needs.

With a broad range of wax manufacturing equipment, a high-tech wax lab, and highly experienced wax chemists and engineers, we can custom manufacture just about any wax and wax-like product to suit your needs.

A complex project may have us travel to the site of your business to determine your needs. From there, we will do an analysis of your needs product, and/or document & test the product we're proposing. From this analysis, we will adjust the properties of the wax as needed: color, rigidity, flexibility, heat resistance or ideal melt temperature, security features, how the wax is packaged and shipped, shattering resistance, hardness, smell, and many other qualities. Once your needs are met and the product is approved, we will then document your custom wax formulation in all regards in order to assure long term consistency and quality.

Our capabilities include small volumes to thousands of pounds, packaged in bags, bins, pastilles, pucks, billets, liquids and more, with color matching, custom formulation, recyclable, white label, and just about every other contract manufacturing requirement for custom manufactured wax.

Our services include formulating thermoplastic products, and adhesives. Products can be supplied as pastilles, slabs, or as a bulk liquid/solid.

Laboratory Services

  • Analytical Capabilities
  • Well-equipped QC Laboratory
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Process and Product Development

 Mixing and blending

  • Low Viscosity Waxes or Fatty Acid Derivatives and Surfactants
  • Medium Viscosity Blends of EVA and Thermoplastic Block Copolymers
  • Mixing of Rubber-Based Compounds with Low to Medium Viscosities
  • Deodorizing and Bleaching of Waxes / Wax Blends

 Compounding thermoplastic products (e.g. hotmelt adhesives)

  • Pastillating of Products with Low to Medium Viscosities
  • Slabbing of Products with Low to Medium Viscosities

 Emulsions & dispersions

  • Waxes, Resins or Polymers
  • Bulk Storage Capacity

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