Bottling Wax for the Beverage Industry

Set Your Bottle from the Crowd

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Bottling wax (aka “wine wax”) for the beverage industry sets apart your bottle from the crowd. Westech’s bottling wax is a low-temperature (meaning, safe for your team) wax which applies beautifully to wine bottles, liquor bottles, soda bottles, or any beverages that could use ornamental bottling wax.

Westech has used it’s decades of experience in creating precision wax products for medical and aerospace use to create the ideal bottling wax / wine wax. Features include:

  • Great Pricing: yes, you can afford bottling wax!

  • Wax in Pastilles: meaning, easy to manage and melt

  • Lower Operating Temperature: safer for your team to use in the dipping process

  • Perfect Color: our standard colors are tested and quantified for consistency, and we can even custom-blend a Pantone-matched color for larger orders

  • Controlled Shine: Our shine is planned and consistent. Custom blends can even have custom shine

  • Security Features: Our largest customers can take advantage of our patent-pending security features

  • Impact Resistant: we designed our own Impact Test to measure and control the brittleness, assuring a wax that doesn’t shatter, but is hard enough to look good on shelves

As you can see, the expert chemists at Westech Wax Products have developed an elite line of bottling wax that outperforms, we believe, every other wine and bottling wax out there. It has, in fact, been proven at the very highest industry levels. For our larger customers, we can even setup your bottling line with the necessary equipment and training.

IMPORTANT: Our minimum order for bottling wax is 250lbs. (We can send small testing samples prior to purchase). Our stock colors are red, blue, green and purple. Please contact us for minimum order sizes for custom colors and features.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification assures you a consistent, reliable bottling wax.

Contact us today for a small sample or a no obligation consultation with one of our wax experts.