3D Printing Supplies


3D printing with wax and plastic is a growing trend, bringing our flat 2D digital world into our physical reality. Westech Wax Products is developing a 3D wax blend that can be private labeled and used in a variety of 3D printers. This innovative wax technology enables investment casters to more easily bring their designs to life using 3D printed products. Our laboratory will work with you to develop the perfect wax or materials to supply to your 3D printer users.

Are you a 3D printer company that needs a white-label manufacturer of your 3D printing materials? Or perhaps you're an extremely high-volume consumer of 3D printing materials, and would like to manufacture your own line of supplies? Our contract manufacturing team will develop the material you need, test it, document it, and work with you to assure the ideal product for your growing needs.

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